Our Purpose

Pinnacle Place Making was formed to be a world class leader of choice in the physical planning and built environment industry. Our passion is to help turn our clients’ dreams of physical development proposals be it residential, commercial, industrial, and civic & community into quality places which are economically, environmentally and socially viable to live in, work and play.

Our Vision

To be a world class leader of choice in the place making arena.





Our Mission

We exist to create places that are economically, environmentally & socially viable for people to live, work & play in.





Our Values

Professionalism - Our conduct reflects a true mark of professionalism
Integrity - Fairness, trustworthiness, courtesy and honesty are characteristic of us.
Creativity - Our work is enthused by the spirit of originality.
Value Driven - We want you to derive value from your development initiatives.
Engagement - We maintain cordial relations and involve all our stakeholders in decision making where their interest is at stake.